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Chopping board

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Article number:4795.6488.6929
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479564886929 - MAURA
426732248879 - MAURA
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Product sizes
Length31 cmLength12.2 "
Width25 cmWidth9.84 "
Thick3 cmThick1.18 "
Weight1.4 kgWeight3.09 lb
Min Length25 cmMin Length9.84 "
Min Width23 cmMin Width9.06 "
Materials & Finishes
oil : linseed oil > natural
Package details
Length32 cmLength12.6 "
Width26 cmWidth10.24 "
Height6.5 cmHeight2.56 "
Weight1.5 kgWeight 3.31 lb
Volume5408 cm³Volume330.02 in³
We recommend
Please keep instructions for future reference.
Care instructions
Do not soak your boards in water or they'll crack and warp!
Depending on how often you use your boards, you should also give them an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or silicone-based products. Use a soft cloth for cleaning.
A damp cloth with a detergent may be used, followed by a damp cloth to remove the detergent.
Excessive water should be avoided. All water should be wiped up immediately.
Caution, repeated use and cleaning will remove the oil finish.

MAURA is a practical and multi purpose rustic looking board. Handcrafted with great attention from wild cherry wood, this board makes both a fantastic chopping board and display board. It also doubles up as a cheese board and makes a perfect housewarming centerpiece.
Each product has its own beauty, thanks to the knots and the natural imperfections of the solid wood grain. Complete the look with matching items from our range of home accessories, or get creative and mix and match.
All wood cutting boards are naturally antibacterial and will neutralize 99.9% of bacteria left on the wood within 24 hours. Fast cleaning. Thanks to its design and material.
Each piece is handcrafted from naturally dried reclaimed wild cherry wood, so no tree was harmed in the process.
Good to know
MAURA is treated with food safe oil and maintenance is very easy. Simply oil occasionally to keep it in mint condition.
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