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HANDMADE Affiliate Program
Recommend Products & Earn Commissions.

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HANDMADE Affiliate Program

Welcome to one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the world. HANDMADE Affiliate Program was built to provide the best benefits to content creators, publishers, and influencers. From an advanced and easy-to-use dashboard to the best sales commissions on the market, our affiliate program can easily become your trusted partner in making money online by recommending products and services. The affiliate program is free and can be found in your HANDMADE user account. Try it today and start earning commissions and making money in three simple steps:
Sign up to HANDMADE affiliate program
Sign up
To start using the affiliate program Log in to your account or Create a free account with HANDMADE.
Recommend products
Create campaigns, choose products and share them with your followers using professional images and short links.
Earn money with HANDMADE affiliate program
Earn money
With 20% Commission and links valid for 3 Years it is easy to earn money using the affiliate program created by HANDMADE
The best affiliate marketing programs
Nothing is better than 20% commission and links valid for 3 years to earn money.

The best affiliate marketing programs in the world

As a young company, we chose to make our affiliate program fresh and different from other affiliate programs. We have chosen to put together the best possible offers and based on them to build the best affiliate program in the world.Iulius M Boiangiu, founder HANDMADE
Discover 7 advantages that make the affiliate marketing program created by HANDMADE the best in the world.

Direct access from any device

To use the HANDMADE Affiliate Program, you do not have to create a new account or install any software on your device or use only a certain type of device. All you have to do is log in to your HANDMADE account from your favorite device and access the application directly from the Your Partnership section.

HANDMADE affiliate program dashboard demo

Advanced, clean and easy to use

Built with the user in mind, the HANDMADE Affiliate Program is the only affiliate program on the market that offers 3 levels of link configuration for an easy setup and the ability to scale easily.

With our affiliate program, you can set an unlimited number of platforms where you want to recommend products (Example: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Your website, Google Ads, and many more) and organize your links on campaigns on various topics. In this way, you can easily measure the success of each post and the benefits that each platform brings you. You can do A/B testing and easily focus on where you have the best success.

HANDMADE Affiliate Program provides access to all important data in real time from gobal level to link level being very easy to see each new post or change to an old post that has an impact on your account.


Create professional content

At HANDMADE we know that in order for your posts to be successful, you must have access to as many professional resources as possible. That's why for every content you create, HANDMADE provides you with all the necessary technical and general information about a product, quick access to the gallery with high-quality images of the product, and short links to create the best impression.


20% commission on each sale

At HANDMADE we treat all partners equally. For every sale that takes place, we offer 20% of its value to our partner who, through his work, brought the customer to the HANDMADE platform.

HANDMADE offers a 20% commission from the transaction value regardless of what products the customer decides to buy. In this way, if a customer came to the site to buy a gray product but chose to buy a white product, you will still receive a 20% commission from the transaction value.

All sales that take place are automatically verified and commissions are allocated directly to your account. The average purchase for a user coming to HANDMADE for the first time is between £45 and £60 (including delivery) and the conversion rate from visitors to customers on the HANDMADE site is 22%.

Check below the commission offered by HANDMADE compared to other platforms that sell home and garden products.

The data were collected on 10/07/2021 for the house and garden category from sources available online and HANDMADE is not responsible for their accuracy or subsequent changes.

3 years cookie life

Having a cookie valid for 24 hours (that Amazon offers for example) it is almost impossible to use your link in an article on a blog or in a paid campaign on Facebook. Google indexes a new blog page from few days to 6 weeks and Facebook checks a new paid campaign to approve it within 72 hours of its creation. With the HANDMADE affiliate program, time will never be an issue again. Let your imagination run wild and create all kinds of content in all corners of the internet and we will collect your commissions non-stop for 3 years.

How to check affiliate cookie life

To check the life time of affiliate cookie, after creating the first campaign and posting the first link, access the link to be redirected to www.handmade.group and from your browser settings you can observe in the cookies section that the cookie for the newly created link will expire in 3 years of days.

HANDMADE offers 100% transparency when it comes to cookies and the data they collect. To find out more information about HANDMADE cookies, please visit the Cookies policy.

What happens after 3 years ?

After the life of a cookie has expired you can change the current link with a new link or delete the old link and regenerate it again. This way you can activate your articles or posts that bring you continuous commission to work for you for countless years.

At HANDMADE we thought from the beginning to offer our partners cookies that do not expire but from our tests, it turned out that not all links will be available indefinitely. Most products are valid for at least 5 years but after this period more than likely some products will stop being made or others will be replaced with new models according to market requirements.

HANDMADE cooke affiliate program expires in 3 years

Free products

What could be better than receiving a product as a gift every day. HANDMADE wants to bring Christmas to your home every day, giving you the opportunity to receive free products.

The free product option offered by HANDMADE can be accessed by all partners who use the affiliate program regardless of whether they are content creators, publishers, or influencers.

Depending on the number of followers or visitors and the number of conversions, you can choose to receive up to 5 products per week for free. All you have to do is to visit the list of products available for promotion and choose your products and the desired quantity you want to receive and HANDMADE will send them to your address.

If you decide that you do not want to keep the products, you can offer them as a gift to your followers and HANDMADE will send you a label for each product you want to give as a gift so that you can send the products as a gift to your followers for free.

On the opposite, if you do not want to keep them or give them as a gift, you can ask to send them back to our warehouse and we will arrange with a courier to pick them up from your address.


Build your range

Build your range and defines your brand together with HANDMADE.

If you love the products you write about, HANDMADE gives you the chance to collaborate in transforming your ideas into real products and build your own brand. HANDMADE is the best partner who can make your products from a few pieces for testing to hundreds, thousands or millions of units at the best prices on the market exclusively for you.

Join the dozens of UK partners who enjoy exclusive products in their stores made to the highest level of discretion by HANDMADE.

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Recommend Products & Earn Commissions.

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Frequently asked questions
What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party content creators, publishers, and influencers, to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party creators, publishers, and influencers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.
Who is this affiliate program for?
From classic users to professional influencers anyone can use our absolutely free affiliate program.
At HANDMADE we encourage the creation and we are open to all types of collaborations, whether you write an article in a blog or want to make a post on social media you are welcome in our program.
How can I get started ?
Start by logging into your HANDMADE account and go to the Your Partnership section and click on the Affiliate program icon. Once you have entered the application for the first time, we recommend that you go to Settings and configure your account. Once you're done, go create your first campaign, choose a product and copy the magic link and share it with your followers.
Customers will pay more for the same products ?
No, HANDMADE will not change the prices for users who come to the site through a link from the affiliate program and all customers will pay the same prices regardless of whether they come directly to us or through the affiliate program.
Video presentations
Introduction to the HANDMADE affiliate program