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dropshipping by handmade

Dropshipping by HANDMADE

We know that dropshipping is not for everyone but if you are interested in making money in your free time with zero investment in front and you know how to list and sell products online or offline, the Dropspping System developed by HANDMADE can easily bring you a few thousand pounds each month for just a few hours worked daily.
If you don't know, dropshipping is not a pyramid scheme or other suspicious way to make money online. Dropshipping is the method by which sellers sell products without buying them in advance and all orders are processed and delivered by the manufacturer directly to the seller's customers. On Youtube if you search for "drop shipping" you will find hundreds and thousands of videos that explain what dropshipping is and how to use it to your advantage. Dropshipping is so popular right now that between 60 and 70% of sellers on major platforms (such as eBay or Amazon) have moved from traditional buying, storage and selling methods to dropshipping.
After you'll study what dropshipping is and how it works, you will agree that the dropshipping system created by HANDMADE is really special because it gives you the chance to sell hand made products with a very low competition rate and the possibility to create your own range of products and why not even your own brand.
To activate your free dropshipping account Log in to your account or Create a free account with HANDMADE, and from your account follow the steps to activate your dropshipping account for free and start making money.
The dropshipping system from HANDMADE is special because:
- Hundreds of product models available for the dropshipping program.
- Factory prices for all products available in the dropshipping program.
- Up to 60% discount on selected products to increase your profit.
- Complete product data to be easily listed on other platforms, websites and stores.
- New products introduced in the system every week.
- Dedicated stocks in our warehouses in the UK and Europe for dropshipping.
- Automatically reserved stock for you in the UK warehouse based on order history.
- Advanced logistics systems that show you the stocks available in real-time.
- Payment system that accepts single or bulk orders for faster processing.
- Advanced tracking system for processing, packaging, and delivery of orders.
- Intelligent delivery costing calculator based on items weight.
- Fast and direct 24H or 48H delivery from our warehouse in the UK.
- Starting from £ 2.95 for a package with a length of 120 cm and up to 2 kg in weight we have the lowest delivery prices in the UK for medium and large packages.
- Full tracking history for each order.
- Sending automatic tracking details to your customers by email from the courier (optional).
- VAT invoices created automatically for your orders.
- Free smart price calculator to accurately calculate your selling prices and have a guaranteed profit.
- High return on your investment due to low competition for handmade products.
- Advanced notification system with 3 days notice in advance for any price change.
- Multiple orders due to the fact that our products are practical and made only of solid materials.
- Low return on your orders (between 2 and 4 %) compared to other types of products where the return rate is 20-30% on electronics or even 40-50% for clothes and shoes.
- No knowledge request, For any questions from customers you can contact the support service to give you the best answer to communicate to your customers.
- Free to try and use without a contract or other hidden obligations.
- Free UK support line without an appointment or waiting time.
- Free UK personal agent to help you with any aspect related to your account.
- Set up your own sales network and sell everywhere from online platforms to physical stores.
- Create your own range of products together with HANDMADE at factory prices and sell exclusively to your customers.
- The more you list, the more you earn. Yes, it is very possible to earn between 6 and 10 thousand pounds every month with only 100 products listed for sale.
If you have questions or want more information please contact us at our UK freephone number:
0800 06 99 800
The phone line is open between 9:30 and 23:30 every day and is free only for calls received from the UK.
"The most advanced and transparent system of dropshipping for handmade products In the world,,

HANDMADE is your Nr.1 supplier for handmade products

Accounts, packages & benefits
At HANDMADE we are happy to work with our partners to constantly improve the services and products offered and always adapt and grow to create the best experience for our customers.
Depending on the number of products available for sale on your platforms, HANDMADE offers you one of the following collaboration packages displayed below.
Each package has its benefits and with the increase of your account, you can request a free change of package to receive even more benefits in collaboration with HANDMADE.
0% to 25% active listings
- Full access in the application
- Free training and consulting
- Free access to analysis and internal data
25% to 50% active listings
- Full access in the application
- Free training and consulting
- Free access to analysis and internal data
- Stock reserved in the warehouse
- Create your own range of products
- Priority in package delivery
50% to 75% active listings
- Full access in the application
- Free training and consulting
- Free access to analysis and internal data
- Stock reserved in the warehouse
- Create your own range of products
- Priority in package delivery
- Vote for new products
- Vote for the sale price
- 1 Extra collection day for your orders
75% to 100% active listings
- Full access in the application
- Free training and consulting
- Free access to analysis and internal data
- Stock reserved in the warehouse
- Create your own range of products
- Priority in package delivery
- Vote for new products
- Vote for the sale price
- 1 Extra collection day for your orders
- Priority in product production
- 10% discount on ordered product
- £300 investment per month in collaboration

Activate your dropshipping account in 3 easy steps

1Log in to your account at HANDMADE or Create a free account with HANDMADE.
2Go to Partnership zone in your account and select Dropshipping.
3Fill in the small introduction form and start selling and making money with HANDMADE.
Frequently asked questions
Products are sold as sets, or individual products ?
If a product does not specify in the "Capacity / Set title" the quantity as a set of 2, 4, or more it means that it is sold by the piece. Only products that are sold as sets have a subtitle for sets or quantity.
All products are handmade?
Yes, all products are handmade. Some are made by us and our family in our workshop and some come from some friends and partners who also have their own workshops.
What is the difference between Active, On break and Discontinued products ?
These values represent the status of a product during the exploitation period and after.

- A product is "Active" when it has passed the testing part and now it can be produced and sold without any imposed limits.
- A product is "On break" when there are longer delays in making the product due to the raw material or other external factors.
- A product is "Discontinued" when it will no longer be made in the future.

What needs to be done?

When a product has "On break" status, we recommend that you put the amount of units for sale equal to 0 on the platform where you sell it to stop possible purchases that cannot be honored on time but do not delete the listing from the platform because this the product will be put back on sale in the near future and you will be able to buy it again by simply reactivating the listing.

When a product is brought back into the system, its status will change from "On break" back to "Active" and it will appear back in the list of active products.

When a product has "Discontinued" status, it is important to see if HANDMADE has a new model with similar functions in its place. If you identify the new model, you can edit the product listing on the platform where it is sold and upload the new gallery and technical data for the new model.

If HANDMAND has no new model in place of the product that was marked as "Discontinued" then you will have to delete its listing from all the platforms where you sell it because it will not be brought back for sale.
Can I sell any product?
Yes, all the products available in the dropshipping application are available for sale.
After how long I will receive orders from customers ?
It is not a specific rule, but in most platforms, the first orders appear in about 1-2 weeks from the listing of the products. If after 2 weeks you have not sold any product, your listings may not be done correctly. In this situation, we recommend that you contact us to check them together and to identify the problems for which your products are not sold.

The most common listing mistakes that lead to unsold products are:
1) Product title is wrong.
2) The product falls into a different category than the correct one.
3) The selling price is much too high compared to the competition.
4) Delivery time is much longer than the competition.
5) The optional fields in the listings are completely ignored but these completed ones help to display the products when searching on the platform for the terms used.

If you do not have strong experience in online sales we recommend that you contact us by phone at 0800 06 99 800 or on WhatsApp at 0044 0780 793 9941 and we will check your listings and explain in detail how to modify the listings you made to start selling and how to create correct new listings in the future that will bring you as many sales as possible.
Edit or create a new listing from scratch ?
Both variants have their advantages.

If you have a new product that you want to list, it is obvious that a new list is the best choice.
However, when you have a product that sells quite well but at some point, for a while, it will no longer be produced, you can pause the listing, edit it and change the product or delete it.

If you have nothing to change the product from the listing with, then it is good to delete it if the product is no longer available for sale or to deactivate it for a while until the product is available again.

But if you have another product with which to exchange the product from the listing, then, instead of deleting or deactivating the listing, you can edit it and change only the product from the listing with a new product that is similar, in this way, the new product will continue to be sold at as good as the old product because the platform will not see the difference between the old product and the current one and will give you the same number of possible visitors and customers.
Postage and delivery
What is the Handling Time?
The Handling Time is the number of business days between receiving an order for a product and shipping the product. At HANDMADE the handling time differs depending on the type of products that are ordered.

HANDMADE offers you full internal tracking in your dashboard with every step we take in processing your orders.

Also, for orders that need to reach the customer quickly, we have the possibility to prioritize them and shorten the processing time where possible.
How long it takes for an order to be processed?
The time differs depending on the products ordered.

For products that are available in the warehouse, the processing time of order is from a few hours to a maximum of 2 working days. It all depends on when the order was placed in the system. On delivery days, all orders placed until 14:45 will be processed and given to the courier on the same day. For orders placed on Friday evening or over the weekend, they will be processed on Monday and will be given to the courier on Tuesday to be delivered.

For products that are not in stock or customized products, the processing time lasts between 3 and 7 working days. it all depends on the number of orders we have from all our partners for products that are not in stock. Depending on this number we can bring the goods in warehouses from 2-3 times a week to once every 2 weeks.
What couriers do you use ?
In the UK HANDMADE is a business partner with Hermes and Royal Mail. We use Hermes for small, medium, and large packages and Royal Mail for envelopes.
How long take the order to be delivered?
For UK customers, delivery time is between 24 hours and 2 working days depending on the postal service used. For remote areas, couriers may need an extra day to deliver the products.
You offer tracking number ?
Yes, all the orders we process have tracking numbers and integration with the courier's website for real-time updates. You can find the tracking number for an order in the order dashboard. If an order does not have a tracking number it may be a recent order that has not yet been processed for delivery.
Why the courier does not provide information on the tracking number?
Most courier companies update the tracking after 6 hours since the courier picked up the order from our warehouse. In the first 6 hours, the chances are that the courier companies will not display any information with the location of the product. They will start posting information about the location of the product after it has reached a collection center and has been scanned for receipt.
Is it possible to change the delivery address for an order after I have placed it?
If your order has not already been delivered to the courier, the delivery address can be changed. If HANDMADE has already processed the order and purchased the label for your order, you will receive a voucher for the old label and you will be able to buy a new label for the order to be delivered to the new address.

We recommend that you contact us by phone at 0800 06 99 800 or on WhatsApp at 0044 0780 793 9941 as soon as you realize that the address must be changed because most of the orders are processed in the first hours since they are entered into the system.
May I have signature for delivery?
HANDMADE does not offer this service by default, but we can activate it in your account at your request. The cost of a signature service is £ 1.00 (Inc. VAT) at Hermes and is added to the delivery cost.
How can I use the 24 hour delivery service ?
In order to offer the lowest delivery costs, we offer by default the 48-hour service but at your request, we can change from 48 hours to 24 hours for some or all of your orders. The 24-hour service comes with an additional charge of £ 1.00 (Inc. VAT) per package, which will add to the cost of delivery.
What are the remote region postcodes?
The remote region postcodes are set by our couriers and the cost of delivery to one of these postcodes is £ 2.75 (Inc.VAT) higher than the standard delivery price.
For the UK the remote region postcodes are BT, KW, IV, ZE, HS, and IM.
Can I combine several orders that go to the same address?
Yes, our system allows you to combine several orders that go to the same address and save money on delivery. If you do not know how to combine orders or need help please contact us using the contact details on our contact page.
How the delivery cost is calculated?
At HANDMADE we have created possibly the most advanced system on the market for calculating the cost of delivery for our customers. Instead of choosing a standard amount and multiply that amount by the number of products like most companies, we chose to calculate the delivery cost based on the volume and weight of each product placed in the shopping basket. In this way, we charge the lowest possible price and our customers can have more products delivered at the same price.
Delivery to UK Isles & Highlands
Currently, the delivery company delivers to all postcodes in the UK Isles & Highlands. However, a limited number of postcodes have a small location charge of £2.75 when sending from and delivering to those locations.
All these postal codes are displayed in the delivery policy on the website and apply to our clients and partners as well.
What is the best time of day to place orders?
We recommend that orders be entered as soon as possible to reserve automatic stock for the order and have time to process it and prepare for delivery. For orders that you want to be delivered on the same day, the best time to enter them is between 11:00 and 13:00 in the morning. If there are orders that came at the last minute, please enter them until 14:45 to have a chance to be delivered on the same day.

All orders that are placed after 14:45 will be automatically postponed for the next delivery date because between 14:15 and 15:00 the courier is at the warehouse and loads the goods to be delivered and everything that was not labeled before the 14:15 will be postponed for the next delivery.
How do I know if the customer's delivery address is correct ?
In the UK, customer addresses are accessible through public databases, and you can conveniently verify them using the postcode on major courier sites like Royal Mail at www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode. If, upon entering the postal code into the verification application, the client's address does not appear on the list, there's a possibility that it may be incorrect or incomplete. To address this situation, it is advisable to promptly contact the customer and verify the details before HANDMADE proceeds with shipping the order to that address.

Identifying an incomplete or inaccurate address can be challenging, as there are no strict rules. However, common mistakes made by customers include substituting "0" with "o" in the postal code or confusing similar letters and numbers (e.g., replacing "I" with "l"). Additionally, customers may sometimes input only a portion of the address, omitting essential details such as the building number and/or apartment. It is crucial to be vigilant and communicate with the customer to ensure accurate delivery information.

If you remain uncertain about the accuracy of the customer's address, even after checking and discussing it with them, please feel free to reach out to us at HANDMADE. We can collaborate with the delivery company to verify the address together and provide you with an additional guarantee regarding the accuracy of the data.
Can you send the tracking number to the customer?
For the customer to receive the tracking number, when you enter an order in the delivery address area, you must enter the customer's email address in addition to the customer's address where the products are to be delivered. If the email address is entered when HANDMADE generates the delivery labels, the customer will automatically receive an email from the courier company such as Evri or Royal Mail with the delivery details such as the day when the package should be received and the tracking number. Also, the tracking number of the order will be displayed in your order dashboard together with the other information about the order.
Returns, missing items, and refunds
What is the return address ?
The return address is:
13 Whitestone Way
Off Purley Way
United Kingdom
When you send back a product, please use tracking delivery and let us know so that we can check it and return its value back.
Do I have to send a product back if it has been damaged?
In most cases, if a product is damaged, it does not need to be sent back, but you will have to send us pictures of the damaged product to identify the problem and make sure that it is not repeated in the future.

If the product is damaged by the delivery company we will need these pictures to ask for money back from the courier company up to a maximum of £ 20 of the value of the product. The process of returning the funds to the courier company takes between 14 and 30 days.

If the product is partially damaged and can be fixed and resold at a discount, we may ask that the product be sent back after analyzing the pictures you have provided us.
If I decide to give money to a client, I get them back from HANDMADE ?
Unfortunately, we cannot honor all the decisions that our partners make without our consent, so it is best to contact us before making a final decision. It is possible that the customer does not know how to use the correct product or agrees to send another product in exchange instead of receiving the money back. That is why the best solution is to contact us and we will find the most suitable offer for the client.

If you have chosen to give money back to the client without consulting HANDMADE, please note that like any store, we give money back only for the products we receive back. The only situation in which we give money back without first asking to receive the products is when the product arrived very damaged to the customer and hi sent us pictures and we decided that it is no longer renewable to bring it back and sell it at a discount.