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Chopping Boards

An indispensable accessory when it comes to preparing the table, the chopper will always be the ideal solution. Made of wood, in different styles, models, colors, and sizes.HANDMADE choppers are ready to satisfy even the most demanding.
Wood granulation and mastery will beautify your kitchen and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Good to know
wooden vs plastic chopping boards
Wooden vs Plastic Chopping Boards
Discover the differences between plastic chopping boards and wooden chopping boards and how they can affect your quality of life and long-term health.
person cleaning a chopping board
How to properly clean a chopping board
Regardless of whether you use your chopping board occasionally or use it daily, it must be cleaned. At HANDMADE we recommend two types of cleaning. A simple cleaning to be done after each use and a professional one to be done at regular time intervals.
Person chop vegetables with a knife on a wooden chopping board
The best chopping boards for your knife
If you want to protect your knife and not have to sharpen it after each use, you should carefully choose your chopping board according to the material from which it is made.
wooden chopping boards
How many chopping boards do you need in the kitchen?
When it comes to how many chopping boards do we need in the kitchen, opinions are divided and depending on who is asking, the answer is always different. That's why in order to find out the correct answer, we have created several types of profiles and scenarios to find the one closest to you and your needs.
Chopping board Vs Cutting board Vs Serving board
Chopping board Vs Cutting board Vs Serving board
From a distance they look the same and many consider them identical, but there are characteristics that make these boards excel in the purpose for which they were created and using them for another purpose can lead to their destruction.