Unique products made to order

To place an order for a unique product, please send your ideas by email to support.uk@handmade.group and we will send you a price quote.

In order to shorten the processing time, we recommend that you send us as much information as possible, from the size of the product to images or sketches of the final product that you want us to make for you.

Please note that compared to the standard products on our website, the unique products made to order according to the customer's specifications, the delivery cost will be paid separately and is not included in the product cost. Also, returns are not accepted for these products except in special situations because they are very difficult to resell.

Our specialty

At handmade, our team specializes in home and garden products, especially products made of wood or wood and metal with an industrial appearance. Our workshop is equipped with the most professional woodworking machines and we can work on products of almost any product size. From small to large, we are honored to receive any challenge, no matter how small or large the product is that you want us to make for you.

unique products made to order