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Dropshipping accounts, packages & benefits

Explained in detail
Full access in the application
At HANDMADE we give you full access from the first moment in the dropshipping application where you can test from the beginning all the functionalities of the application in reality without limited accounts or demo accounts, test products, make listings and orders or see what's new.
Free training and consulting
Experience is gained over time, but we want to save as much time as possible by offering you training and consulting in creating the best listings for your customers from day one and selling products quickly and easily. From easy questions to the most complex scenarios at HANDMADE we cover them all in our training and in a few hours from scratch you will think and act like an expert in your segment.
Free access to analysis and internal data
Get access to the HANDMADE pulse at a click away. From the top products sold in the last period of time to the best titles or descriptions for your listings HANDMADE offers you direct and unrestricted access.
Stock reserved in the warehouse
Once you start selling as a professional it is very important to have the guarantee that all the time the products you sell are available in the warehouse to be delivered immediately. From the moment your account has become Advanced HANDMADE, it reserves stock for your products exclusively for you in the warehouse, absolutely free. The reserved stock is based on sales from the previous period and this does not come with any reservation obligation on your part. HANDMADE will update your reserved stock every 2 weeks. If your sales increase, your reserved stock will increase with them.
Create your own range of products
Through this program HANDMADE are looking for collaboration with young entrepreneurs and designers who want to bring unique products to the market and are looking for a reliable partner who will make their products exclusive only to them.
If you have ideas about home and garden products and you want to bring them to life, HANDMADE is the best partner who can make your products from a few pieces for testing to hundreds, thousands or millions of units at the best prices on the market exclusively for you.
Priority in package delivery
Priority in package delivery gives you the peace of mind that all your orders will be delivered first regardless of when you entered them in the system. You will also receive tracking numbers much faster and be able to confirm them more quickly to your customers that the products have been delivered.
Vote for new products
At HANDMADE we have dozens of products every month that are in the approval phase to be sold on the platform or for dropshipping. She has a place in front and votes on what products you want to be available for dropshipping to be sold.
Vote for the sale price
In calculating the selling price of a dropshipping product, many factors are taken into account, some of them mandatory and unchangeable, such as the cost of transport and others that are less mandatory and with variable value, such as the percentage of profit from sales. Be part of the team that calculates prices for our partners and decides with us what are the best prices for HANDMADE as well as for its partners.
1 Extra collection day for your orders
The more your account grows, the more flexible you will have to be about delivering orders. HANDAMDE works with you and gives you an extra day to collect and process your orders every week to make sure they get apples a day earlier to your customers giving them the most enjoyable experience.
Priority in product production
Being at this level you show a very reliable partnership and your orders for new products in-stock will be treated as a priority, being the first to be put into production every day to assure us that there will be no day to you do not have the necessary goods on the shelf ready to be delivered to your customers.
10% discount on ordered product
A large volume of sales comes with a large volume of benefits and what can be better than a 10% discount on the cost of HANDMADE products. This way you can be sure that you will have the best prices on the market and all the light will buy directly from you no matter how big the competition will be.
£300 investment per month in collaboration
At HANDMADE, no matter how advanced the collaboration relationship is, we know that in addition to the standard requirements, our partners also have special requirements such as a certain color of the packaging material or certain functionality in the dropshipping application that will make their work easier. That's why for our partners HANDMADE offers investments of up to £ 300 per month in creating a more pleasant and greasy relationship. Money can be used on equipment needed in the production of products according to the requirements of our partners, raw materials, or up to 10 hours of server and IT production to implement new functionalities in the application.