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Bracket - Black 10 x 10 cm LIOM 1
Bracket - Black 10 x 10 cm LIOM 1



10 x 10 cm

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Article number:6105.7561.7848
Shapes and colors:
627451949748 - LIOM
625538820508 - LIOM
892276146205 - LIOM
783661186944 - LIOM
142679959585 - LIOM
947524854884 - LIOM
668823973706 - LIOM
610575617848 - LIOM
Product sizes
Length10 cmLength3.94 "
Width5 cmWidth1.97 "
Height10 cmHeight3.94 "
Package included
1 bracket
Package does not include
Screws are not included.
We recommend
Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.
If you are uncertain about what type of fixing devices to use, please contact your local hardware store.
Care instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
About LIOM
With a classic and refined design, these dark brown pine shelf brackets being painted are water-resistant and they are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where there may be moisture, making them the ideal choice for a large number of DIY projects inside or outside your home, office, and garage. These brackets are made of solid wood and are a really useful product for your project.
The natural color of the wood fits any piece of furniture and gives off a pleasant atmosphere in the places it is used.
They come with mounting holes pre-drilled so all you have to do is screw them to the wall. Use these brackets to make your own shelving and more and simplicity will turn your area into a really special place.
The bracket is reversible and fits both 10 and 12 cm deep shelves, depending on which side of the bracket you mount the shelf on.
Important to know
Maximum load 40kg
The maximum load shown may be lower depending on the wall condition. All loads should be distributed evenly.
About HANDMADE Environmental Friendly Packages™
recycled boxesAt HANDMADE, we care for the environment, therefore we use Environmental Friendly Packages™ for our products, which are similar to other retail packages, but they are much stronger, high quality made and we use only recycled materials in their composition.
Please read more about our environmental friendly project.
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Questions & answers(6 questions)
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Good Afternoon Could you do 6 brackets but without the mounting holes for the shelf ?
Yes, we can make these brackets without the mounting holes for the shelf. Please place an order for the standard model that is already available for sale and after placing the order please send us an email or contact us at the phone numbers available on the platform and we will make brackets for your order without mounting holes for the shelf. The time for production and delivery to your address is approximately 5-10 working days.
Good Morning I am looking at the 15 x 15 cm brackets called Liom. And I would like to know if you can fix them to a wall made of plasterboard?Kind Regards
Good Morning, you can fasten these brackets on a wall made of plasterboard, but we recommend you use fastening screws specially designed for plasterboard. If you don't have a store in the area where you can buy from, you can try to identify where the beams are in the wall and attach brackets directly to the wooden beams using standard wood screws. If none of the two options help you, then attach the brackets directly to the plasterboard by screwing in the screws with a small screwdriver manually and at low pressure. Some people also apply glue on the back of the brackets to increase the contact point next to the screws. After installation, try to put products with a high weight on the shelf.
Hi, How can I effectively repair floating shelves purchased from a different store that have developed cracks near the mounting arm holes on the wall, posing a risk of detachment? I'm concerned about their stability and potential for falling off. Do you have any recommendations or tips on salvaging these shelves? Thanks.
Hello. A first option is to turn the shelves upside down. Thus the pressure will be moved to the side of the shelf that is not cracked. A second option is to mount external brackets like those that are available with us on the platform to provide extra safety to the shelves. If you want, you can send us some pictures by email of your shelves and based on what we will see in the pictures sent, we will look for other alternative solutions for this situation.
The wood from which these brackets are made is treated and if so with what?
The wood from which our brackets are made is natural wood without any added chemicals, so it is safe to use in any room, especially as wood is a natural antibacterial.
Hi there could I use these on a 10 cm depth shelf? thanks
Thank you for your question. You can use these brackets for a 10 cm shelf because they are both the same size, but if you want, we can make to order for you at no extra cost brackets with the part that attaches to the shelf a little shorter, like 9 cm, 8.5 cm, or 8 cm. The part to be attached to the wall will still be 10 cm. The production and delivery time for the customized bracket sizes is between 5 and 10 working days.
Hello, I'm going to paint these brackets. Which material would you recommend? Just plain pine or the white pine? Thanks
Both types of brackets can be painted. White pine brackets are brackets that have already been painted with white paint in our workshop. When choosing these brackets to paint, you will first have to prepare them for painting by sanding them a little so that the new paint will stick better over the already applied paint. Plain pine brackets can be painted directly without any prior preparation. These are the bracket models we recommend for customers who want to paint them.
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