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Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1
Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1Bracket - Varnished 10 x 10 cm NAFER 1



10 x 10 cm

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Article number:0383.1992.3307
10 x 10 cm
13 x 13 cm
15 x 15 cm
18 x 20 cm
25 x 25 cm
30 x 30 cm
Shapes and colors:
982589820471 - NAFER
038319923307 - NAFER
950865528388 - NAFER
003621340220 - NAFER
491678493466 - NAFER
499855323134 - NAFER
202919023212 - NAFER
Product sizes
Lenght10 cmLenght3.94 "
Width5 cmWidth1.97 "
Height10 cmHeight3.94 "
Weight250 gWeight8.82 oz
Materials & Finishes
lacquer: glossy > transparent > normal > water-based
Package included
1 bracket
We recommend
Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.
If you are uncertain about what type of fixing devices to use, please contact your local hardware store.
Care instructions
Clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Other information
Get advice, call and consult with a local specialist and follow their advice for a good installation process.
Depending on your wall structure the product may require different wall screws.
Please keep instructions for future reference.
With a simple and traditional design, these pine shelf brackets being painted are water-resistant and they are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where there may be moisture, making them the ideal choice for a large number of DIY projects inside or outside your home, office, and garage. These brackets are made of solid wood and are a really useful product for your project.
The natural color of the wood fits any piece of furniture and gives off a pleasant atmosphere in the places it is used.
They come with mounting holes pre-drilled so all you have to do is screw them to the wall. Use these brackets to make your own shelving and more and simplicity will turn your area into a really special place.
Compatible with 100 to 150mm shelves and water-resistant are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where there may be moisture.
Important to know
Maximum load 40kg
The maximum load shown may be lower depending on the wall condition. All loads should be distributed evenly.
About HANDMADE Environmental Friendly Packages™
recycled boxesAt HANDMADE, we care for the environment, therefore we use Environmental Friendly Packages™ for our products, which are similar to other retail packages, but they are much stronger, high quality made and we use only recycled materials in their composition.
Please read more about our environmental friendly project.
3D Bracket - Varnished NAFER
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Why don't these brackets come with screws in the package?
Fixing the brackets on the wall requires screws for that type of wall and the walls are made of several types of materials, each material has a certain type of screws that can be used. If we put in the package screws that are for a certain type of wall, then we would become responsible for mounting these brackets on the wall, but in reality, before mounting the brackets, the mounting screws must be chosen according to several criteria, from the type of material to the weight it is desired that the brackets support. Thus, we recommend our customers ask for the advice of a specialist during installation or to talk to a DIY store where they can also purchase the screws needed for their project.
How can I make these brackets much more resistant?
Thank you for your question, This model is very resistant because having the middle part made of a piece of wood that is fastened with screws on both sides makes it ideal for use to store heavier products. However, the strength of a bracket in use is not limited by the bracket but especially by the way it is attached to the wall. Thus, we recommend you make these brackets much more resistant in 3 steps. The first assurance is that the wall on which they are supposed to be mounted is strong and will support the weight you want to put on the shelves. In the second step, choose the screws together with the correct fastening accessories. In the last step, to increase the resistance even more, we recommend you add (only if you intend to use heavy or very heavy brackets) a metal washer in the screw head to increase their contact area with the bracket. You can skip this last step if you use screws with a large head and preferably straight in shape. To give you even more advice tailored to your project, we recommend that you contact us by phone at the numbers on our contact page.
Hello, I need 4 brackets of 14.5 cm length instead of 15 cm. Can you do it?
Thank you for your question. At the moment, we do not have the 14.5 cm bracket size available for sale because it is very close to the 15 cm one, but we can make it for you on order at no extra cost. Production and delivery time is approximately 5-10 working days. If you are interested, please place an order for the 15 cm brackets and after the order is placed, please contact us and we will change it to 14.5 cm and send it to production. Our contact details are available on the Contact Us page.
I have 4 glass shelves from an older project. I can mount them on the wall using these brackets?
Thank you for the question. The metal and the glass can be joined together using special metal clips. If you intend to put light objects on these shelves, you can use a commercially available double-sided adhesive tape, preferably from a company like 3M, to fix the shelves to the brackets. However, the information provided is just an idea and we cannot guarantee this project.
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